The sitecam900 rapid deployment tower camera


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An overview

With all round motion detectors, high quality camera and wireless transmission to a Monitoring Centre, sitecam900 is ideal for temporary use or for areas where a permanent installation is impractical nor cost effective.

The telescopic tower with adjustable feet for levelling on uneven surfaces has a rotating camera with night view capability. The unit also houses a PA system for use by the Monitoring Centre who are able to record detection of unauthorised access and request that unauthorised people leave the area.

The robust tamper proof design protects the integrity of the unit by enclosing the technology that handles the capacity of the unit to monitor the area effectively.

Sitecam900 base view.
Levelling view of Sitecam900.
View of crank handle on Sitecam900.
Sitecam900 equipment image.
Image of Sitecam900 all round protection.
View of Sitecam900 camera unit.
View of Sitecam900 Audio Deterrent equipment.
View of tamper protection equipment.
View of secured cabinet on Sitecam900.
Image of Sitecam900 setup